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Rijeka City Library

Rijeka City Library aims to be the cultural, educational, social and information centre of the City. As a public library, it promotes democratic values and acts as the heart of the community. Founded on the principle of openness, it is a local access point to knowledge, information and culture. Core library services, Internet and PC access and education, reading groups, storytelling for preschool children, various workshops for children and teenagers, presentations of books and authors, exhibitions, professional meetings, etc.
Rijeka City Library views itself as the basic local community partner, the key factor for building a free society of informed, well-read, creative and connected individuals and supports realizing individual potential and overall social development of the local community by promoting a culture of reading, lifelong learning, innovation, quality leisure time for citizens of all generations.  

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The Adult Education Institution Dante was founded 30 years ago as a foreign language school. Today it is well known as a competitive, modern and efficient adult education institution that attracts numerous generations of adult learners for various lifelong learning programmes . 

Dante is also engaged in implementing a number of high-quality international projects, e.g. LLP, Erasmus, the ESF programme, etc. 

Our aim is to contribute to the development of a sustainable society, to exchange experiences with the local and global community as well as to strengthen adult education through active professional and scientific contributions and creation of collaborative networks.


ArtSmart  is an SME having an experience in international project design, e-learning course development, management consultations and training to public and private organisations.

Main fields of expertise of the ArtSmart are business development (Entrepreneurship) consulting, international project design (Erasmus+, Horizon Europe, etc),  e-learning course development and research in Green Business and Circular Economy topics. 


GLAFKA s.r.o. is Czech based educational and consulting institution located in Prague. It focuses on knowledge and innovation transfer in a field of lifelong learning, further education and nonformal learning. 

GLAFKA has a strong focus on empowerment of disadvantaged groups, including 60+, handicapped and socially excluded persons. One of their main aims is to increase employability of target groups through personal and vocational development, bridging the gaps between generations, genders and nationalities as well participating in activities friendly to the environment and sustainable development. 

Main area of activities covers development of state-of-the-art teaching methods (storytelling) for supporting citizens’ key competencies, strengthening critical thinking as well ICT literacy of different target group


Unione della Romagna Faentina

Unione della Romagna Faentina is located in the south-east area of Emilia-Romagna Region (Italy) and includes 6 Municipalities. Faenza, with around 60.000 inhabitants is the biggest Municipality of the Association and has the role of coordinator and main headquarter. 

The municipal libraries of the whole territory are managed by the Library Service of Unione della Romagna Faentina, headquartered in the historical Library Manfrediana in Faenza. It includes small branches in both in Faenza and all public libraries of the 6 Municipalities members. 

The service counts over 60.000 registered users, is in charge of all functions linked to access and use of books and it also organizes cultural events and initiatives with different target groups, from toddlers to seniors. 


EUNI Partners

Association Euni Partners is a non-governmental organization, which works to encourage and expand the cooperation among the academia, business, institutions and educational organizations. Its primary fields of activity are education and training, sustainable development and social integration of people with fewer opportunities.

Euni Partners provides education and training for all age groups – from kindergarden children to seniors, with focus on special education. The association works in partnership with schools and universities in Bulgaria, aiming to improve the quality of education and training in accordance with the learning needs.

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