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Online Reading Curriculum for Older Adults: How to Become a Digital Reader.  Is aimed at facilitating, encouraging and re-thinking reading for older adults using new technologies. The main output objective is to increase accessibility to new communication technologies for older adults and develop the reading culture among citizens aged 60+.


E-reading Community Portal: The Digital Reading Age An open-source online learning portal featuring activities and tools in English and partner languages will be created to support senior learners in piloting the Curriculum. The activities  and tools on the portal will also be available for self-directed learning for any (senior) citizen that is not directly included in the training programme but needs to develop competences of using digital tools, participating in reading clubs, or using national e-reading resources. The portal will also provide a space for senior learners to connect at the national level and form their online (reading) communities.


Training Programme for Adult Educators and Library Staff: Senior Learner Manual.  It will be created in order to support the delivery of the developed results 1 and 2) and to ensure a quality training outcome is achieved.



The THIRD READING AGE project plans to increase the target groups' quality of interaction with senior learners/users due to increased didactic, communication, and motivation competences, better cooperation and communication through ICT tools, and better knowledge about digital reading tools. The desired result is to also have more competent and professional AE and library staff that can progress beyond their traditional approach to and culture of education and reading.

Thanks to the online portal, senior learners will also improve their access and use of online collections of digital training material. The piloting of the IO1 will be based on a practical and interactive training approach and tools in order to ensure proper adaptation to the specific learning and communication needs of senior learners.

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